design upload haul

I just realized I haven't uploaded any designs I've done in MONTHS. terrible. and now it's at the point that there's entirely too much to just load up here, so I figured I'd just hit the highlights. mostly just weddings and Christmas cards lately. Christmas card season can get a little bit stressful, just because it's a high volume month and Christmas cards are a big deal! it's something everyone sees! 

But I got to design the programs for my best friend's wedding back in November, and that was so fun. most chill bride ever? yes. so I loved her idea for a funky twist on the traditional program. 

Salomone Chrismas card

 Smith Christmas card

 Bollinger Christmas card

Tupper Wedding Program


In an attempt to better document 2014 than through social media, I give you the Guichet's January.

1 / ringing in 2014 with a ton of friends and fireworks. perf.
2 / apparently when you work at a gym, you start the year by taking apart treadmills and cleaning them
3 / we bought a CS original
4 / burrito bowls are our jam, y'all.
5 / we have a lot of friends with birthdays in January. perfect excuse to celebrate 24/7
6 / when your hotel in NOLA lights up in Mardi Gras colors, you take pictures
7 / thankful to have such a rich city an hour away. makes for perfect weekend getaways.
8-9 / snow! we got TWO snow days in ONE week!
10 / J's new hobby and talent. he's such a stud, y'all.
11 / gang's all here!
12 / what the entirety of our "snow vacation" looked like. BBC's Sherlock.


erin's baby shower invites [design]

Sarah & I work together, so when she asked me to do her sister's baby shower invites, it was especially sweet :) And Erin's having twins! I'd never done twin invites, so I'm was really excited to brainstorm on ways to incorporate it into the design.

So, here you go. Erin's Baby Shower invites [& the extra designs-which are always available for your use!]

&& just so everyone knows, if you ever want to talk about design, you can contact me at blake.guichet@gmail.com!


my favorite birthday boy

My main man here turned 31 this weekend. We celebrated by ditching real life for a NOLA get-away. I love having a soulful city right at our fingertips for such occasions. We laid in bed for half of the day and had a National Lampoon marathon (because that's what you do when you turn 31). And then we dinner and a movie, fancy edition, and were in bed at our hotel room by 10:30. Bam. Sunday was rainy so we did the aquarium (because that's also what you do when you turn 31), and then it was back to reality.

There really aren't words to express how thankful I am for this man of mine. Being married to your best friend is the only way to go. I thank God everyday that He had us for each other. 

Husband, you are the most selfless, hard-working, loving, protective, hilarious, grounded man there is. You are a man among men. You are the leader I've always needed. Thank you for loving me just the way I am, and never trying to smother the wild out of me. 

You are the other half of whatever I am. We are each other's complete opposites, but we work. 

And you are all mine. 

31 looks good on you, bay. Here's to 60 more. 


one day, baby.

Recently, J and I gave away the humongous sleigh bed that was over taking our back bedroom. It was his before we got married, so it dipped in the middle from all the years of being slept on smack dab in the center. After we got married, we slept in it for about 2 weeks before we were off to the mattress store for a brand spankin' new king sized dream of a bed. So the bachelor bed got banished to the guest bedroom to have stuff shoved under it and around it and piled on top of it, until we finally decided it had to go. The same week we decided to gut out our guest bathroom and start over. So there are a lot of tangible changes going on in the Guichet household. J offered to move the huge mirror that was over the sink in the bathroom that I always got ready in to the back bedroom, so that I'd still have a place to do my hair and make-up and such girly things.

When we got married and started making plans for the house, it was always understood that the back bedroom would eventually turn into a nursery. Since then, it’s become a storage unit for old wedding stuff, a guest bedroom, and now (apparently) a dressing room. But this is the first time it’s been regularly inhabited, especially by yours truly. So as I sat in the room a couple of mornings ago, sleepily putting on mascara, it suddenly hit me.

One day, God willing, a little soul is going to call this room theirs.
Someday, if God has children in the cards for us, I’m going to groggily trudge across the hall to this very room to soothe a fussy newborn.
This is where we’ll bring a sweet baby back from the hospital.
This is where we’ll change diapers and laugh and cry and be a family.

 As I laid back and stared at the ceiling, my heart became overwhelmed with joy and pre-emptive thankfulness. I began praying for the little baby that we so hope God has for us one day. I began praying for baby Guichet’s conception, that it would be quick and easy (because I’m pretty sure we’re allowed to go to the throne that boldly). I prayed that if it’s not, that we would never cease to know God’s faithfulness. I began praying for their little fingers and toes and nose and ears and eyes. I began praying that they would come to know their Savior at an early age. I prayed for my heart and J’s heart, that we would begin to be prepared for whatever God brings our way right now. Before I knew it, I’d been laying on the floor praying for a baby that does not yet exist for an hour. But it was the most beautiful, sweet, meaningful time for me and God that that hopefully one day baby. And it just reminded me how awesome spending extended, uninterrupted time with Jesus is. Why don't I do that more often? It also reminded me that I don't just have to talk to him about the tangible, right now things. He loves my day dreams and hopes just as much as I do. I need to remember to share them with Him regularly.

{disclaimer: not pregnant. not even a little. I know, this is how rumors start.}


this [extended] weekend we...

Became a new blog? Kind of. 

Oh snap. Things are looking way different around here, eh? I've been kicking around the idea of making the jump to a lifestyle blog for a while. It was time. I think the days of passionate public writing might be behind me. Life is relatively simple, and I like it that way. Not to say that there won't be times where this place will turn back into Fearless. But for now, this is how I like it. 

So, this weekend...

>>made an impromptu trip to my hometown to spend the 4th with my parents and their friends. pool, drinks, & sun. we were in bed by 8. glory.

>>friday night date night to the tattoo parlor. we know, we're hellians. 

>>spent our Saturday night rocking my favorite sweet girl for hours. even managed to squeeze a smile out of her.

>>rainy sundays are for Harry Potter marathons, naps, & blog roll catch-ups [heyyy nat the fat rat]



Dolphin cruise in Perdido, w/crazy Charlee
  • A God who knows how many grains of sand are on the beach I spent the weekend laying on.
  • Baby laughs, snuggles, "I love yous", & lunging into your arms. And friends who let you hog their kids.
  • Being married to a man who makes me want to leave the glory of the beach to get back to him. Serious butterflies over here about seeing hims tonight.
  • A best friend who doesn't look at you like you're nuts when you're balling your eyes out, over something trivial, out of no where. And is just generally awesome.
  • The-best-friend-who-lives-in-Haiti comes back this month. And hub's birthday is this month. As well as my mama's. So many things to celebrate!
  • A 4 day work week.


the room we sleep in [home]

When J and I got married, he'd be living in the house we would call home for eight years. So, bachelor pad doesn't even begin to describe what I was walking in to. But it's a sweet little house that I absolutely adore, and with a little time and elbow grease, it's started to be presentable! I'm so thankful I took pictures before the work started, I don't think I could fully appreciate how drastic the changes are if I didn't have them.

So I give you the first installment of our house makeover: our bedroom.

bedding: Target; throw pillows: Bed, Bath, & Beyond; curtains: Target
We got rid of the sleigh bed to free up a little room, as well as that big desk you see in the forefront of the before picture. New bed frame, new king bed [we made it 2 weeks with his original queen before we were high-tailing to the mattress store]. Coat of paint on the walls to get rid of the baby blue. The curtains really do a lot to add to the room, as you can see.

Left: the jewelry peg board my wonderful husband made for me. That picture was taken right after we got it up, and does not do the embarrassment that my jewelry collection is justice. Sometimes I'm afraid it's going to come off the wall...We was cut it down to the size I wanted, put a couple of coats of paint on it, and mounted it to a piece of wood to allow some space between the board and the wall for the pegs. Put it up and started loading it down!

 Middle: wooden monogram [our married monogram] bought here, painted blue, and glued to a 16x20 canvas. Easy peasy.

Right: I printed some of my favorite instragram pictures of J and I from printstagram, and strung them up for a simple headboard. It's one of my favorite parts of our room, because you can watch us go from babies, to the day we got engaged, to being the Guichets!

And there you go! Our room is without a doubt my favorite room in our house [not because of that ;)]. It's just cozy and safe and so comfortable. Love love love.
I am now beach bound until Monday, and super stoked about it. Have a great weekend!!!

Also: I mentioned this Wednesday, and I'm sure you already know, Google Reader is no mas come Monday. So, if you looking for a new way to follow all your blogs, that BlogLovin' button over there will lead you to my favorite way to follow blogs. 

Last thing: Fearless got a Facebook page! Wahoo! See that nifty "F" over there? If you click it, it'll take you straight there and you can like it! K thanks! 


awkward + awesome

-I work at a gym, if you didn't already know. One of the most frustrating parts of my job is when someone piles four 45 lb plates on a machine, uses it, and then leaves it that way. You're telling me you can lift that with your legs but can't manage to take them off when you're done?! Beside the point. The awkward part was when I jokingly pointed to a fully stacked machine and said to a regular "you totally left this like that, didn't you?" No, but the guy standing directly to my left did. And he got reeaaaal offended. Foot, mouth.
-I am (still) entirely too absorbed by this whole Jodi Arias circus. To the point that I TiVo'd her Lifetime movie. And the after show. And kept J up past his bedtime educating him about the trial (for the 100th time).
-Trying to have a consult with a potential member with 4 other people in the room. Learned the hard way Monday that I am no bueno at that. Lot's of ums and uhs and I'm pretty sure I only gave her about 30% of the information I usually do. And then everyone made fun of me when she left. Thanks guys.
-The little dance I've made up to Blurred Lines. Well, the dance itself is pretty awesome. Getting caught performing it by the car next to me, not as much. (Why are so many of my awkward stories car oriented?!)
-One more work awkward: yesterday, while helping my boss take down some bars, one swung and basically impaled me where I stood. Knocked the breath straight out of me. And there's video. So I'm sitting in my office with tears running down my face I'm laughing so hard. If it was better quality, I'd upload it for you.

-Forcing the entire gym to listen to Justin Timberlake Pandora today. And a guy just did the "Bye Bye Bye" move. You know which one I'm talking about.
-Who's taking two weekend vacations in a row?! This girl. Who has the best boss on the planet for letting her have two Fridays off in a row?! This girl.
-This. You're welcome. (But the noise I made when I saw it the first time definitely belongs under awkward...)
-Getting to spend the entire weekend with J last weekend. Friday: wedding, Saturday: historic downtown BR tour (because we're complete nerds), Sunday: lunch with my parents, weird movie marathon (Minority Report, Equilibrium, etc), and church. This never happens, people. And it was glorious.

{also, if you're mourning the loss of Google Reader, go follow Fearless on BlogLovin!}


7 ways Harper's preparing me for motherhood

Everyone, I'd like you to meet my little girl. This is Harper. She's pretty terrible, but we love her.

We found her on Craiglist when mama really wanted a puppy and daddy's couldn't say no anymore. I am well aware that motherhood is much more than taking care of a dog. God willing, kids are in the future for J and I. But until then-I feel pretty comfortable saying that Harper's practice enough for now.

1. Homegirl is under my feet 24/7. Which feels like the canine translation of "whatcha cookin mom?", "what's that mama?", "can I have that?"

2. "No Harper" clearly means "please keep putting your nose in my food". She's not exactly the greatest listener.

3. Trying to do something for her always, always turns into WWIII. Like trying to get something out of her eye. J's holding her down, I'm holding her eye open, we're both trying to get it out of her eye while she nips at us.

4. Harper has a super laid back, sweet hearted older brother, Hagen. And she is contantly up in that dude's face. Therefore, the two of them fight like...dogs. So I'm pretty much a professional referee.

5. If things get quiet, it's time to get worried. If I'm in the back of the house, and they're in the front of the house, and I don't hear them fighting, it means they've figured out how to get into something and tear it apart.

6. She scares the crap out of me. I've always hoped to be a pretty laid back mom. But let Harper limp a little bit on her way back in the house, and it's time to go to the vet.

7. I awoke this morning to a crying dog who had pooped in her kennel, and subsequently walked in it. I feel like that one pretty much explains itself. {sidenote: when your kid has a dirty diaper, does the entire house smell?! Because Harper's carries and hangs out. Thank God for Tyler Candles.}


the business of business cards

So, it's time to order real-life business cards.
And I can't decide. Therefore, I'm enlisting your help.
Below are my four favorite designs (by yours truly, of course). It would be greatly appreciated if you, as a consumer, would let me know which one is your favorite. 
Basically, which one catches your eye and makes you want to use me as a designer for your kid's 2nd birthday? 
Your input truly is valued. Thank you!! 
 {click the image to make it larger}






I talked about gratitudes before, but I can't find that post at the moment. And let's be honest, I don't feel like digging for it. So, recap: the #gratitudes hashtag came to be a few years ago when a woman from my church (whom I love dearly) started using it to share the things she was grateful for. It caught on and soon became a way to bring light to the social media world and to remind others that there's always something to be thankful for.

Therefore, it is with this in mind that I bring #mondaygrats to the blogging world. I mean, what a way to start your week, amiright? A tangible list of the blessings in your life when all you want to do is groan and complain about it being Monday again (right there with you). Plus, how cool to be able to look back (that is why we blog, right?) years from now and see how our blessings change and stay the same.

  • The three days J was gone were surprisingly refreshing? I missed him like cray-zee, but I'd be lying if I said sleeping in our king bed alone wasn't kind of glorious.
  • That being said, having husband home. Life's just not the same without your best friend.
  • Circle E's Hawaiian Pineapple candle. So good.
  • Therapeutic venting sessions, and the friends that will listen to them.
  • A job that I don't dread going to when the weekend is over.

I hope your week starts off fab. And I hope that you make a gratitudes list, even if you don't blog it :) But if you do, feel free to grab that graphic up theres!


...but really though.

I am a self-proclaimed recovering people pleaser (is that ok?). 

Forever consumed by what people think of me, my actions, my opinions. You don't like me simply because that's your bitchy decision for the day? Life = ruined. Can we please sit down and have a long, drawn-out, emotional conversation about it where I apologize for things I haven't done and beg you to be my friend even though you've never done anything for me? I really need that right now. It'd be even more great if we could be good for like a week, and then I could grovel at your feet again. 

There is most definitely a time to apologize. There's a time to repair damage-done. And then there's a time to realize...ya know? I really just don't have time for this. I don't have time to chase you. I don't have time to have a meltdown over how you feel about me. I'm out.

I think we forget that it's a decision. We make a choice to let someone else's crap muck up your life.  You have to let someone else's negativity spill over into your life and mess things up and make you all jasdobgadnfvasjf. And you also get to make a decision that it ends here
That you don't have time for it. 

It was a big lesson for me when a learned to take people with a grain of salt. To remember that everyone has hard times. That sometimes I'm not exactly Cinderella all the time. And hard times inevitably spill into your day-to-day interactions. But I don't have to put up with it.

Wake up tomorrow morning, and remind yourself of how wonderful your life is. Make a running list of every blessing. The roof over my head, the Jesus who loves me unendingly, the friends that never leave my side, the husband I can't believe is mine. And when someone else's negative threatens to darken your day, repeat after me:

 "I'm sorry. I'm too busy living a really blessed and joyful life to get into this. I have no time for your negative crap."


shields moving announcements [design]

Remember that time I had my first paying design job? That was cool.

I guess you could say I am tip-toeing my way into the design world. I continue to find ways to talk myself out of it [i.e. "there are so many people that are so much better at this than you", "you're not really that talented", etc]-but I have also recently acquired a loving husband who believes in me and my talents, and isn't great at taking no, I'm scared! for an answer.

So, I present to you my first paying, public design job [& it's second and third place]. Be nice.

Whew. I'm glad that's over with. Speaking of design, yay for yet another fearless redesign, yeah? So there it is. Definitely feel free to contact me if you're in the market for some paper products! [blake.guichet@gmail.com]


awkward + awesome


-How long it's been since I've blogged. Ya know, I don't even know what to tell you about that.
-Falling asleep at a red light. Yes, you read that correctly. Migraine from hell + no sleep = people honking at me because I "closed my eyes" for a split second. Frick.
-Asking a person who "slyly" walked in with a member at the gym if they have a membership of their own. "So....do you have a membership?" "Oh yeah! I just forgot my card!" "Okay! What's your name? I'll just look you up." Turns around and walks away....
-Camping out in the frame aisle at Target. Literally sitting on the floor with three different frames in front of me, trying to decide which I want. Oh, I'm sorry. Did you need to get in here?
-The amazingly awkward "huh huh" laugh I've started doing when things get intense/serious/tense. Surprisingly enough, it does not make things less awkward. I have to get that under control.
-Feeling like I'm a super-wife because I made dinner BEFORE going to work, and all we have to do is stick it in the oven when we get home! Oh, except that I didn't read the directions all the way and you have to cook it for 3 hours. So...dinner will be ready at 11, hon.
-This is how I force Harper to snuggle with me. She's definitely in her terrible-twos-I-want-nothing-to-do-with-my-mom phase. Hate it.
-I got a new car! Not awkward. But yelling at the voice control to connect bluetooth for the 500th time and the person next to you in traffic looking at you all worried-like? Awkward. CONNECT. PAIR. AUDIO. OHMYGOSHCMON.

-Curls that last through the day, red lipstick, clear skies, accidental duck face, and happy Saturdays. [see photo]
-December trip to Disney World? Yes please! Turning 25 in Magic Kingdom? Double yes please!!
-Husband telling you he has to work late and then actually getting home before you.
-I heart keeping up on current events. I even more heart that my job, at times, allows me to sit on the floor of the gym and watch the news and discuss with patrons.
-Glitter nail polish. And glitter photo shoots. And still being covered in glitter 3 days after said shoot.
-First. Paying. Design. Job. Ohmagah. Still doesn't feel real? You mean you're going to pay me to do something that I love to do during my free time? Uh...ok!
-Thinking about returning to blogging, and the little butterflies it gives me.