one day, baby.

Recently, J and I gave away the humongous sleigh bed that was over taking our back bedroom. It was his before we got married, so it dipped in the middle from all the years of being slept on smack dab in the center. After we got married, we slept in it for about 2 weeks before we were off to the mattress store for a brand spankin' new king sized dream of a bed. So the bachelor bed got banished to the guest bedroom to have stuff shoved under it and around it and piled on top of it, until we finally decided it had to go. The same week we decided to gut out our guest bathroom and start over. So there are a lot of tangible changes going on in the Guichet household. J offered to move the huge mirror that was over the sink in the bathroom that I always got ready in to the back bedroom, so that I'd still have a place to do my hair and make-up and such girly things.

When we got married and started making plans for the house, it was always understood that the back bedroom would eventually turn into a nursery. Since then, it’s become a storage unit for old wedding stuff, a guest bedroom, and now (apparently) a dressing room. But this is the first time it’s been regularly inhabited, especially by yours truly. So as I sat in the room a couple of mornings ago, sleepily putting on mascara, it suddenly hit me.

One day, God willing, a little soul is going to call this room theirs.
Someday, if God has children in the cards for us, I’m going to groggily trudge across the hall to this very room to soothe a fussy newborn.
This is where we’ll bring a sweet baby back from the hospital.
This is where we’ll change diapers and laugh and cry and be a family.

As I laid back and stared at the ceiling, my heart became overwhelmed with joy and pre-emptive thankfulness. I began praying for the little baby that we so hope God has for us one day. I began praying for baby Guichet’s conception, that it would be quick and easy (because I’m pretty sure we’re allowed to go to the throne that boldly). I prayed that if it’s not, that we would never cease to know God’s faithfulness. I began praying for their little fingers and toes and nose and ears and eyes. I began praying that they would come to know their Savior at an early age. I prayed for my heart and J’s heart, that we would begin to be prepared for whatever God brings our way right now. Before I knew it, I’d been laying on the floor praying for a baby that does not yet exist for an hour. But it was the most beautiful, sweet, meaningful time for me and God that that hopefully one day baby. And it just reminded me how awesome spending extended, uninterrupted time with Jesus is. Why don't I do that more often? It also reminded me that I don't just have to talk to him about the tangible, right now things. He loves my day dreams and hopes just as much as I do. I need to remember to share them with Him regularly.

{disclaimer: not pregnant. not even a little. I know, this is how rumors start.}

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