awkward + awesome


-How long it's been since I've blogged. Ya know, I don't even know what to tell you about that.
-Falling asleep at a red light. Yes, you read that correctly. Migraine from hell + no sleep = people honking at me because I "closed my eyes" for a split second. Frick.
-Asking a person who "slyly" walked in with a member at the gym if they have a membership of their own. "So....do you have a membership?" "Oh yeah! I just forgot my card!" "Okay! What's your name? I'll just look you up." Turns around and walks away....
-Camping out in the frame aisle at Target. Literally sitting on the floor with three different frames in front of me, trying to decide which I want. Oh, I'm sorry. Did you need to get in here?
-The amazingly awkward "huh huh" laugh I've started doing when things get intense/serious/tense. Surprisingly enough, it does not make things less awkward. I have to get that under control.
-Feeling like I'm a super-wife because I made dinner BEFORE going to work, and all we have to do is stick it in the oven when we get home! Oh, except that I didn't read the directions all the way and you have to cook it for 3 hours. So...dinner will be ready at 11, hon.
-This is how I force Harper to snuggle with me. She's definitely in her terrible-twos-I-want-nothing-to-do-with-my-mom phase. Hate it.
-I got a new car! Not awkward. But yelling at the voice control to connect bluetooth for the 500th time and the person next to you in traffic looking at you all worried-like? Awkward. CONNECT. PAIR. AUDIO. OHMYGOSHCMON.

-Curls that last through the day, red lipstick, clear skies, accidental duck face, and happy Saturdays. [see photo]
-December trip to Disney World? Yes please! Turning 25 in Magic Kingdom? Double yes please!!
-Husband telling you he has to work late and then actually getting home before you.
-I heart keeping up on current events. I even more heart that my job, at times, allows me to sit on the floor of the gym and watch the news and discuss with patrons.
-Glitter nail polish. And glitter photo shoots. And still being covered in glitter 3 days after said shoot.
-First. Paying. Design. Job. Ohmagah. Still doesn't feel real? You mean you're going to pay me to do something that I love to do during my free time? Uh...ok!
-Thinking about returning to blogging, and the little butterflies it gives me.

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Anonymous said...

I almost shouted for joy when I saw you posted. Does that make me sounds like a stalker?