...but really though.

I am a self-proclaimed recovering people pleaser (is that ok?). 

Forever consumed by what people think of me, my actions, my opinions. You don't like me simply because that's your bitchy decision for the day? Life = ruined. Can we please sit down and have a long, drawn-out, emotional conversation about it where I apologize for things I haven't done and beg you to be my friend even though you've never done anything for me? I really need that right now. It'd be even more great if we could be good for like a week, and then I could grovel at your feet again. 

There is most definitely a time to apologize. There's a time to repair damage-done. And then there's a time to realize...ya know? I really just don't have time for this. I don't have time to chase you. I don't have time to have a meltdown over how you feel about me. I'm out.

I think we forget that it's a decision. We make a choice to let someone else's crap muck up your life.  You have to let someone else's negativity spill over into your life and mess things up and make you all jasdobgadnfvasjf. And you also get to make a decision that it ends here
That you don't have time for it. 

It was a big lesson for me when a learned to take people with a grain of salt. To remember that everyone has hard times. That sometimes I'm not exactly Cinderella all the time. And hard times inevitably spill into your day-to-day interactions. But I don't have to put up with it.

Wake up tomorrow morning, and remind yourself of how wonderful your life is. Make a running list of every blessing. The roof over my head, the Jesus who loves me unendingly, the friends that never leave my side, the husband I can't believe is mine. And when someone else's negative threatens to darken your day, repeat after me:

 "I'm sorry. I'm too busy living a really blessed and joyful life to get into this. I have no time for your negative crap."

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