awkward + awesome

-I work at a gym, if you didn't already know. One of the most frustrating parts of my job is when someone piles four 45 lb plates on a machine, uses it, and then leaves it that way. You're telling me you can lift that with your legs but can't manage to take them off when you're done?! Beside the point. The awkward part was when I jokingly pointed to a fully stacked machine and said to a regular "you totally left this like that, didn't you?" No, but the guy standing directly to my left did. And he got reeaaaal offended. Foot, mouth.
-I am (still) entirely too absorbed by this whole Jodi Arias circus. To the point that I TiVo'd her Lifetime movie. And the after show. And kept J up past his bedtime educating him about the trial (for the 100th time).
-Trying to have a consult with a potential member with 4 other people in the room. Learned the hard way Monday that I am no bueno at that. Lot's of ums and uhs and I'm pretty sure I only gave her about 30% of the information I usually do. And then everyone made fun of me when she left. Thanks guys.
-The little dance I've made up to Blurred Lines. Well, the dance itself is pretty awesome. Getting caught performing it by the car next to me, not as much. (Why are so many of my awkward stories car oriented?!)
-One more work awkward: yesterday, while helping my boss take down some bars, one swung and basically impaled me where I stood. Knocked the breath straight out of me. And there's video. So I'm sitting in my office with tears running down my face I'm laughing so hard. If it was better quality, I'd upload it for you.

-Forcing the entire gym to listen to Justin Timberlake Pandora today. And a guy just did the "Bye Bye Bye" move. You know which one I'm talking about.
-Who's taking two weekend vacations in a row?! This girl. Who has the best boss on the planet for letting her have two Fridays off in a row?! This girl.
-This. You're welcome. (But the noise I made when I saw it the first time definitely belongs under awkward...)
-Getting to spend the entire weekend with J last weekend. Friday: wedding, Saturday: historic downtown BR tour (because we're complete nerds), Sunday: lunch with my parents, weird movie marathon (Minority Report, Equilibrium, etc), and church. This never happens, people. And it was glorious.

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