7 ways Harper's preparing me for motherhood

Everyone, I'd like you to meet my little girl. This is Harper. She's pretty terrible, but we love her.

We found her on Craiglist when mama really wanted a puppy and daddy's couldn't say no anymore. I am well aware that motherhood is much more than taking care of a dog. God willing, kids are in the future for J and I. But until then-I feel pretty comfortable saying that Harper's practice enough for now.

1. Homegirl is under my feet 24/7. Which feels like the canine translation of "whatcha cookin mom?", "what's that mama?", "can I have that?"

2. "No Harper" clearly means "please keep putting your nose in my food". She's not exactly the greatest listener.

3. Trying to do something for her always, always turns into WWIII. Like trying to get something out of her eye. J's holding her down, I'm holding her eye open, we're both trying to get it out of her eye while she nips at us.

4. Harper has a super laid back, sweet hearted older brother, Hagen. And she is contantly up in that dude's face. Therefore, the two of them fight like...dogs. So I'm pretty much a professional referee.

5. If things get quiet, it's time to get worried. If I'm in the back of the house, and they're in the front of the house, and I don't hear them fighting, it means they've figured out how to get into something and tear it apart.

6. She scares the crap out of me. I've always hoped to be a pretty laid back mom. But let Harper limp a little bit on her way back in the house, and it's time to go to the vet.

7. I awoke this morning to a crying dog who had pooped in her kennel, and subsequently walked in it. I feel like that one pretty much explains itself. {sidenote: when your kid has a dirty diaper, does the entire house smell?! Because Harper's carries and hangs out. Thank God for Tyler Candles.}

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