you know the drill.

-Me. All week last week. I seriously lost all ability to function in social settings. Like, staring into space and doing that awkward "heh heh" laugh when I didn't really hear what people said. So bad. It comes in waves.
-Asking the woman, dressed in all black, standing at the bar of a restaurant, if I seat myself or just wait [maybe a little annoyed because she's ignoring me]. Said woman proceeds to look at me like I'm nuts and look at the actual waitress who's walking around the corner. Ugh.
-I started running again last week. Really, I could leave it at that and it'd be the best part of this week's awkward category. But for me, the most awkward part is coming in the front door and collapsing on the living room floor. And the fact that I'm still red in the face 45 minutes and a shower later. So sexy, y'all.
-The hardest part of my day at this point is not looking at every issue and answering every questions with either "I barely even work here anymore" or "I don't care". But I promised myself I'd finish strong.
-I'm THIS close to shutting  down the Lost party at my house because I can't stand to watch Michelle Rodriguez's pitiful attempts to act anymore. I just can't. She is the absolute worst.
-Also entertainment related, it's kind of starting to concern me how emotionally attached to Hunger Games' Peeta I am. Especially now that he's embodied in drool-worthy Josh Hutcherson. It's bad, y'all. Like...I'm not going to see the movie because I know my emotions can't handle it/I'm afraid I'll fall even more in love with him. Go ahead and laugh. I know my anguish is hilarious. [here's hoping J forgets to read this today.]

-Ok.I know I only think this weather is awesome because I don't have to be out in it. But I don't have to be out in it, so it's fun to watch through our big windows. I'm also blaring my "showtunes" playlist through my headphones and not caring about anything. All in all a good day.
-Getting stuck in traffic with J and making him answer Pivot's 10 Questions. And that turning into a game of 20 questions. I love him.
-Not counting today [because who counts today?], 3 days left at this job. That's right, I'm taking a vacation day this Friday. Best employee ever.
-I know that 9 times of out 10 there's a mushy sentence under awesome, but I'm in love, I'm in love, & I don't care who knows it! But it's really awesome to have J stand next to me while I talk about this new job venture and the places it could take me, and watch him beam with pride. And talk about how proud he is of me and how great he thinks I'll be at it. I'm seriously the luckiest.
-A weekend with no plans. After a month of being out of town every weekend, I'm really looking forward to some quality time with my own bed and the back of my eyelids.
-Putting in your 2 weeks at a job ='s not having to care about the internet rules. Hello Pinterest! I missed you!

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Anonymous said...

I'm team Peeta all the way, only my girl crush on Josh Hutcherson is bordering on creepy since I am practically old enough to be his mother....he's 18 right??