awkward + awesome wednesday

-On a scale of 1 to 10, how awkward is it that I spent the hours between 5 and 10 last night intermittently watching Big Bang Theory and reading the Mockingjay? That much time spent with Sheldon Cooper can take a real toll on already impaired social skills...
-The moment you realize that your undefeated, number 1 Tigers have quit even trying to win the National Championship about 3 minutes into the second half. And all the really pitiful noises I made the whole game. That's all I have to say about that.
-I've been inexplicably tired since Saturday, and Blake doesn't function well tired. So there have been lots of "huh?"s and completely missing people talking to me and staring into space. My coworkers can't decide if it's funny or annoying. I think they're leaning towards annoying.
-Going out with some girlfriends, having a grand old time, until some man grabs you by the arms as you leave and shouts "why are you leaving?!" in your face. Complete stranger. And then proceeds to follow you to the next bar and creepily stand around until a guy friend scares him off. What the heck?!
-I'm currently trying to sell my car {you know you want to buy it...}, and it has quickly forced me to come to terms with the fact that I'm not so good at small talk with strangers. I speak in these jolting, awkward sentences and do that weird "huh huh" laugh that I've really been trying to make stop. I'm pretty sure that's why no one's bought it....

-Will y'all hate me if I say that it's a little awesome that the holidays are over? I feel like my life became an episode of the Twilight Zone on Thanksgiving and didn't return to normal until recently.
-{!!super crazy cheesy sentence alert!!} You know all those cliches you see and hear about falling in love and how you fall in love with someone all over again every day and it makes you a better person and they complete you and blah blah blah? Yeah...they're all true. It's pretty awesome.
-I realized yesterday that almost everyone in my office calls me little bit. "Little bit did that", "where you going little bit?", "oh there's little bit!". I won't lie, I kind of super love it.
-Having resolutions this year that aren't superficial and unrealistic, but actually motivate me to further myself and be the person I want to be. I do really well with goals {I hate failing}. I think 2012's going to be an awesome year.
-All-but-quitting social media. There's more on this coming tomorrow {it's one of my resolutions}, but I have to say, pretty much ceasing use of Twitter and mostly keeping Facebook as an outlet for this blog has been my favorite resolution yet. A simple life, y'all. Simple life.

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Anonymous said...

I think I would have put spending any amount of time with Sheldon Cooper in the TOTALLY AWESOME category. :)