why is he 17?

I bet you thought this entire post was going to be LSU themed because of the game tomorrow, didn't you? Nope. Exceeding expectations in a single bound. This is about something much more important.

Y'all. I got it bad. I know I'm years behind, I know. I blame it on the fact that when JB first hit the scene my roommate was so in love with him it's all I heard for months on end. I decided then that I was never going to succumb to the Bieber craze. I lasted 2 years! That's impressive, if you ask me, especially with how huge his career has gotten.

But it's over. I've crossed to the dark side. I, a grown ass 22 year old, have Bieber fever.

My roommate was laying next to me as I made that banner last night, and I know I was creeping her out with my self-diaglogue. Oh dang! Look at him! Wait. He's how old? Crap. I feel creepy. Oh well...I'll keep looking. It's for the blog!! Seriously. I was only googling him for 20 minutes because I needed pictures for my blog. And because he's stinking precious!!

It's all YouTube's fault. Y'all know how deeply my love for rap goes {Oh, you don't? It goes deep. Real deep.}, so when I came upon the below video, I found myself quickly swept up in the Biber current.

I've watched it like 35 times, and that's an under-estimation. Bieber fever, full force y'all. Don't hate.

And THEN I found this:

JB and Boyz II Men. I can't even stand it. Too much. Ok, I'm done.

It's Friday & I went to CVS last night, so you know what that means right?
Pink lips.
Covergirl Spellbound

Happy Friday, y'all.
Oh, what coworker? You need me to turn down my Justin Bieber playlist? Ugh. Fine.

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Naara said...

You are never too old to have bieber fever!

Love the pink lips bTW :)