lovey dovey, i'm sorry

I don't talk about J too much on the blog. One, because I don't want to be that mushy gushy blogger. Two, because I think he might die. So I'll keep it brief. But y'all, I'm the luckiest.

I spent most of my life sure I'd never find someone like J. The best man I've ever met, he's patient, kind, understanding, a man who loves Christ more than he loves me, quietly hilarious, and solid as a rock {did I mention he's sexy as hell?}. He's the thing that high school day dreams are made of. He makes me laugh at myself, he forces me to talk about things rather than bottle them up, and fully embraces that I'm pretty much the most emotional woman to walk the planet. I'd rather do bad days with him than good days with anyone else. I'm thankful for a man who I'm more myself with than without. For a man who I don't have to lie to my friends about, that every single fantastic thing I say about him is the truth-even when it seems like I'm living in a fairytale. Someone who is okay with agreeing to disagree and always has my best interest at heart.  A man who totally embodies Bob Marley's quote, not perfect, but perfect for me. There isn't a single thing I'd ever change about him. Ever. {even the snoring}

You're the stuff dreams are made of, bay.

Oh yeah. The Tigers won Saturday night. 9-6, not one touchdown scored. It was intense, as you can see from our relieved reactions when we scored the winning field goal, in overtime. Oh my Tigers, how I love you.


MJ said...

Amen, sister. And, first of all, could y'all be any more cute? It's as if your faces were meant to share endless photo space.

What a blessing to have a fella and a leader that you can trust to reflect the love of Christ to His church. It is one of the greatest gifts of this earthly life!

Janee said...

I still think of that Sunday when you came in church late and I happened to see your face LIGHT up when you saw him! Y'all are precious! Godly men are such a treasure.