Awkward & Awesome Wednesday!

-Throwing up in the toilet your roommate just cleaned. I mean, really, throwing up is awkward-period. But in a just cleaned toilet? "Excuse me, I'll have misery with a side of guilt, please?"
-When boyfriends get upset. Not with you {which is ideal}, but there's nothing you can do to make it better except to give them a little space. The "fixer" in me hates this.
-The "Lunch & Learn" meeting we had at work Monday. The woman spent 30 minutes teaching a group of grown adults how to use non-confrontational speech and how to breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth to calm down. Oh! Really? Thanks for that.
-The little elf dance I just did to try and cheer my coworker who is super not happy about Christmas music starting in the office. It was one of my more awkward elfen dances. & yes, I'm implying I've done that more than once.
-I think it's way too funny when people fall down. Like, unhealthily funny. So when the coworker at the desk next to me missed her chair and ended up on the floor, I totally lost it. Thankfully she was laughing too, but the tears running down my face made me look a little ridiculous.

-I'm really tempted to just put LSU v. Bama in T-Minus 4 days right here, but that's a cop out. So I'll just make it number 1.
-You see that new, cool little blue button on the right? That's right, ya girl's officially on the Fashion & Faith blogger list. What's up!! Thanks to everyone who encouraged me to go for it, you were right :) {Have no idea what I'm talking about? Click on the button or check out this to see what I'm talking about}
-Needtobreathe tickets! After the show was sold out! I pretty much have the greatest psudo-big sister ever.
-New readers & new blogs to read! I'm so glad I got involved with follower fest. My Google Reader must feel like it's about to explode!
-Lunch with my boo {Is it awkard that I call him my boo? Probably.}
-This: {& to clarify, I'm aware I blog about babies often. You try having a bajillion friends with babies that you love and not blogging about it. Impossible.}


Jamie said...

I giggled out loud reading your post and imagining your co-worker missing her chair and falling down.

MJ said...

So good! And, its OK, my MOTHER cry-laughs at us [or anyone] when we fall.

Mr. Taylor and his Lady said...

oh my gosh, you are just TOO funny! well then you would get a kick out of being friends with me because i have got to be the clumsiest person on this earth. i don't go a day without falling over something. it's kind of pathetic.
xo TJ