Honest Opinion

As I look around at the blogging world, and all the networking and possible relationships, I get a little bummed out when it appears to be all about self-promotion, all about upping your followers and page views. Not all blogs are like that though, through getting more involved, it's been so awesome to find some blogs that are super genuine and heartfelt. The kind where you kind of feel like you do in fact know them. I hope that's the kind of blog Fearless is.

So remember that one time that I said "I don't know if I'll ever be the girl who can take pictures of herself/outfit without looking like a total goon, so for my pride's sake, I'll use polyvore to share, k? I know, you're bummed you don't get to see me make an awkward fool of myself. Another time, friend."? Well, I might be making a liar out of myself...

I've never really thought of myself as chic, I just pull together what I like & wear it. But in recent months, with the acquisition of an "adult job" and therefore an "adult life", I've been somewhat forced to step up my dressing game. I won't lie, I've been impressed with myself. I know I have a lot of clothes, but learning to put them together and actually look...oh, I don't know...fashionable? Cool! {insert pat on back} I know I've previously referenced The Daybook Blog, and how much Sydney inspires me, but I'd like to introduce you to another blog. Lindsey at Ruby Girl. She's pretty awesome. She's actually taken some time out of her day to email back and forth with me about blog growth and tips, and also about what it's like to be open with your faith on your blog. Lindsey has a project she's started recently to "prove to the world that Christians don't have to be stuffy...and that some of them have shockingly awesome style." She calls it Fashion & Faith. It's basically a list of bloggers who love Jesus, post regularly, and dress fashionably.

I'm thinking I might apply.

But that means I have to start taking pictures of myself. Ah, can I handle the awkwardness/get over the insecurity of it all? And will the few people who read this blog think I've totally sold out? Because I think that's my biggest fear. While I'd love to apply and get the chance to join the ranks of other female Christian bloggers, I don't want it to appear that I'm just trying to up readership. And I want Fearless to remain what it's always been, a place to process, to grow, and to share life. And I mean, I know I'm no Sydney Poulton, would I be making a total fool out of myself trying this?

So, here's your chance to yay or nay this idea. Or say you don't care. Or encourage me to go for it. Whatever you think. Any voices out there?


Anonymous said...

DO IT. DOOOOO ITTTTTTTT. Taking pictures of yourself wearing cute things does not equal a sell out, goober.

Love ash

Ruby Girl said...

Blake. You are awesome. I love your genuine-ness & transparency in this post. I know that wherever you go with the blog, it will ROCK! :) Also, THANK you so much for your kind words! <3 Lindsey w/Ruby Girl

Anonymous said...

Blake- you should totes go for it.
I've thought about how much i love looking at people's fashion posts, and not thinking how awesome they are, but just how awesome their confidence is.
You can put a totally new outfit/combo together and wear it out, yes? What's the difference?
Can't wait to see more...