Awkward & Awesome Wednesday!

-Not blogging yesterday. That felt weird. I had a headache/head full of bricks and couldn't think of anything remotely witty. Not that I'm witty anyway.
-Kissing your honey goodbye and realizing mid-kiss that there's someone literally .2 inches from your faces. Yea, that happened yesterday.
-My recently aquired need to wave back at people who stare at me. I'm gettin' ballsy, y'all.
-The awful, terrible, embarrassing screeching noise my breaks are making right now. And the look of terror in people's faces when they hear it, like I'm about to go careening into them.
-The dangerous corner in my office that I always whip around and slam straight into someone. And the fact that I always do my "huh huh huh" laugh to try and make it less awkward, which in fact makes it more so.
-Me. Just me, in general. The more I'm forced to interact with others, the more I realize that I function in a constant state of awkward. Should I be sorry about that? Because I'm just not. Sorry yous guys.

-Best friends. The people you're just doing life with, who get just excited about your life as you do, who don't just tell you what you want to hear. That's awesome.
-When people trust you with their babies/want you to hold them {i.e. you don't have to ask, they just hand him off}.
-Can we just go with babies in general? Yea.
-Two words. Fish. Fry. This weekend. I'm happy as a clam just thinking about it.
-You knew it was coming-this weather!! I walked outside yesterday and literally {yes, literally} danced around the parking lot, yelling articles of winter clothing at random. "Boots!! Scarves!! My leather jacket!! Oh happy day!!" As if my coworkers don't already think I'm nuts.
-Listening to my roommate and her boyfriend's conversations {oh hey, I'm creepy!}. I'm seriously considering asking their permission to start quoting them here, because they may be two of the funniest people I've ever eavesdropped on.
-This "Our Story" video. I seriously laughed out loud multiple times. These two are so in love and hysterical at the same time!! Go watch it.

Feel free to share yours!
Happy birthday to my favorite little sister. Seriously, how cute is she?

Bug, in honor of your birthday, I've decided to share our most embarrassing picture ever, side by side with the picture that best sums up our relationship.
No, I am not wearing a shirt. Yes, I am trying to force her to let me brush her teeth. That's an impressive death grip I've got on her head. What great parents do we have that their gut reaction was to take a picture and not to save you from your insane older sister. Look at those crazy eyes! Goodness. I'm sorry.

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