Awkward & Awesome Wednesday!

-Being seated right in front of the door at a restaurant. And you're alone, waiting on a friend. And when I say right in front of the door, I mean so in front of the door that I laughed the entire 10 minutes I sat there alone. Because it was so awkward.
-The bro at the gym who asked me if I had a husband. Didn't even try to ease into it, just "so...you gotta husband?" I'm pretty sure my response of "nope. and I don't want one" kind of threw him off. 
-The doctor who gave me my flu shot asking me if there's any chance I could be pregnant. 4 times. 4. Times. Trying to hint at somethin', doc?
-This super sexy waddlewalk I'm doing right now because my legs & butt are so sore. Oh & the cute grunt I'm making everytime I stand. Hawt.

-Boyz II Men. On repeat. All week.
-Tickets to the LSU v. FL game. Oh yeah baby.
-This site. You're welcome.
-The weather this week. And the direct connection the drop in temperature has on my awesome & benevolent mood.
-My roommate saying "oh mah gah. yogalates was SO hard tonight!" and my quick retort of "white girl problems." And the fact that we both winced through the resulting laughter because we're so sore.
-My coworker who told me I'm a "breath of fresh air in the office". Thank you so much, kind sir.
-Haircut days. Those are always the best days. And today is one, peoples. And on top of that, you know what's awesome? Having a super great relationship with your hairdresser. I'm a hair snob, I'll admit it, and the fact that I endlessly trust my girl means so much.

What're your Awkward & Awesomes?

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