the return of the awkward

-Let's take a moment and really soak in the new awkward+awesome picture. That mullet. Those glasses. The sequins. Oh, and the clarinet. Literally, the epitome of awkward+awesome.
-Coming to a complete stop at a green light. And then slapping your forehead in perfect "doh" fashion, causing the person stopped at an actual red light to crack up laughing. This brain, you guys.
-How bad I want, no...need, a puppy. I just need something to love and depend on me! Is that really too much to ask?! (cough...J....cough).
-Houston, we have another TV obsession. How am I starting Lost 8 years late?! But I'm so absorbed, I come home from work, change into comfy clothes, and climb in bed to hang out with Jack. Aren't you guys so excited to hear about THAT for the next couple of months?
-Losing my pinterest. This may sound trivial to some, but finding out I was locked out of this amazing empire I had built, with no way to get back in, was devastating. Disproportionately so. The words "my entire wedding is on there!!!" came out of my mouth. And no, not engaged. I gave it a week, mourned the loss, and finally manned up and created a new account yesterday. Awkward part? Going through the boards of my old account and repinning everything like a total crazy person. Yeah. Follow my new one here!

-Obviously, the first thing that goes here is all the incredible support I've gotten over the last week. When I say overwhelmed, I don't know if you can fully understand the extent of it. Thank you. Each of you. You keep me running.
-Walking the lakes with the best friend and running into friends from church. While that's awesome on it's own, the best part is that the friends said to each other "that girl is really animated like Blake", only to find out it was, in fact, me.
-Isn't second day hair like...the best thing ever? I love it so much more than first day hair. It just falls so much better and prettier.
-Being back in the wedding business! I really let myself forget how much I love it. But being back and already working with 3 brides just makes my heart so happy. I'm so thankful that I get to have a side job that's my passion!


Elizabeth said...

The new A+A pic is totally epic.

Breanna Hohenstein said...

How weird that you got locked out of your account!
I love the photo, sooo awkward to say the least :)

Lauren Smith said...

Lost is literally the greatest show ever.

And that is a great picture.