one question

oh Friday. I kind of thought you'd never get here! So looking forward to a weekend filled with friends and relaxation (and crawfishies! Yipee!) 

But first, I have a question. This week in our community group, the "ice breaker" was 
If you could ask Jesus one question, what would it be?

After we got over the initial cheesiness of it and make a couple of hilarious suggestions, some of the questions were truly poignant. I had to think about it for a while, but ended up deciding that I would ask him to reconcile Matthew 6:25-34 with all of the people starving to death around the world. That's the thing I have tend to have the most trouble wrapping my mind around. 

So, to end the week, I want to know, if you could ask Jesus one question, what would you ask him?

[footnote: Love, Lace, & Life Changes is totally up and running! So super excited to be back in the wedding business. I'm headed to Office Depot for a new planner at lunch because my schedule is busting at the seams already! Go check it out!]

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Elizabeth said...

I feel like if he wasn't God, then he would get incredibly annoyed with my extremely inquisitive personality. I would ask about all of the unsolved mysteries of the world:
- What happened to the Roanoke colonists?
- What exactly causes labor?
- Why do we dream?
- Are UFOs real? What is life outside of earth like if so?
- Who built Stonehenge?
- Who was Jack the Ripper and what was his deal?
- Nostradamus? What are your thoughts on him?

I watch a lot of History Channel with my equally nerdy and inquisitive manfriend.

But, on a serious note, I'm with you. I really struggle with the idea of such disparate living environments. Why do some people suffer so much while others have so much given to them?