awkward + awesome [& an amazing article about Lent]

-I had this moment of revelation last night standing in line at Izzo’s with Jeremy of just how awkward the two of us are together. We are incapable of standing still, not pushing and nudging one another, and the best/worst part is how ridiculously hysterical we both think we are. So we are that couple that’s cracking up at one another and ourselves and acting like 11 year olds. I apologize in advance if you ever have to be around us.
-Coming  back to work after a day and a half off in the middle of your week. As glorious as it was to be off yesterday, coming back felt really weird and awkward today.  Oh not to mention that I walked in to a pile of things that had gone wrong in my absence. Yay!
-I need to quickly learn the lesson that trying to grab something out of the back door of our house (that faces the front of someone else’s house) in my underwear is never going to go well. I’m not invisible, nor do I move at the speed of light. 
-How super gross my hair was when I woke up this morning. And I showered last night. Apparently I still have the hair washing abilities of a 6 year old (you know, when you used to get out of the bath and still have suds everywhere). Needless to say, the hair’s in a high bun today.
-My family and I went to the precious little Covington Mardi Gras parade yesterday, and it was the only one I attended the entire festival season. So I might have gotten a little (read: embarrassingly) excited when it started. And then my alma mater’s band walked by and I got all misty and couldn’t stop saying “I’m so proud” over and over. My dad and sister just sat there and laughed at me. I’ll be here all week, people!
-How squealy and screechy I get if there’s a puppy in a 10 foot vicinity of me.  It’s out of control.

-Hanging out with a friend of J’s, and him asking “you’re the one with the popular blog, right?” Um, I don’t know? Is that me? Little by little people are starting to identify me by Fearless, and in the most humble way possible, it’s so uplifting and encouraging.
-Andy Davis. At the Varsity. March 2nd. I haven’t missed a concert of his in LA in about 6 years. Don’t know who Andy Davis is? You poor thing, here you go.
-I’ve decided I enjoy weekends with very little planned much more than weekends jam packed with events and plans. Not to say that I don’t enjoy spending time with loved ones, because I do. But knowing that I get to lay on the couch with J on a Saturday and make him watch every Tyler Perry movie in the marathon that’s on just warms my heart. Do I get to claim the title “maw maw” yet?
-Matt Wertz, Andy Davis, Michael Buble,  Matt Kearney, and Dave Barnes hanging out with me all day at work. Thank goodness for a job that allows me to wear a headphone.
-The fact that today feels like a Monday but is in fact Wednesday. Thank you Mardi Gras holiday.

-This actually fits under the “awesome” category, but I want to make sure you read it, so I’m going to skip a line here. K? Anyway. It’s Ash Wednesday, and my facebook feed is full of what people are giving up for Lent. In fact, J and I just talked Sunday about giving up fast food (gasp!). But amidst all the promises of abstaining for the next 40 days was this article by Landon Whitsitt (writer, speaker, theologian, and artist), titled “Giving upchocolate and beer for Lent is not what Jesus had in mind”. And it’s awesome. Totally reframed my view of the next 40 days leading up to the celebration of the resurrection of Christ. I really think you should read it and see how you view Lent afterwards. 

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