you know what today is...

-That moment when you realize your food order was just the exact same as the man behind you who is about 3 times your size. I'd like a side of guilt and shame too, please?
-The degree to which my head begins to swim when I work on my book. I can write all day, but blueprints? Format? Edit? Design? TITLE?! I-yi-yi! Isn't there a magic genie that specializes in this stuff?
-Speaking of writing my book, when inspiration hits and the chapters start flowing, it is nearly impossible for me to rip myself away from my laptop. And when I do, I'm really spacey and detached because my mind is still writing chapters. Which isn't great for a girl that has a tendency to be spacey and detached at any given moment.
-Sitting in my bed, eating a sandwich, watching Big Bang Theory. And then realizing that this is pretty much what I've done every night for a week. AND the fact that this is the third time BBT has been in my awkwards. 
-The fact that my brain works in a series of raps. I often complete or rhyme things people say with lines from a popular hip-hop song. For example: my boss said "you must know somebody" and my brain went "who knows somebody, who knows somethin' bout it" in Trick Daddy's voice (from "Let's Go"). I guess that's what I get for having a brain full of raps.

-I'm thinking about moving a little bit further into the wedding planning world again. Not full time, because well, I just can't. But kind of moonlighting on the side more than I am now. So, know someone that needs a super awesome and efficient event consultant/coordinator? Holla atcha girl!
-"Ignition (Remix)" -R.Kelly Pandora radio. Just trust me.
-I've never been a big Madonna fan, but I caught a snippet of her recent interview, and really loved this line she said: "I've never really lived a conventional life, so I think it'd  be foolish of me, and everyone else, to start expecting me to make conventional choices."
-I genuinely couldn't decide whether I wanted to put this under awkward or awesome, but I obviously went with the latter. I was snooping around my blog stats and traffic sources and noticed a large number coming from a catholic forum website. Come to find out, someone posted The Women Who Love Men Who Love Porn there and sparked this huge discussion. Oh hey! That's incredibly random, but I'm all about sparking talk about the awkward stuff. Woo hoo!
-I keep getting texts like this, and the over-whelming joy I experience when I get them is so cool. I guess after being miserable for so long, people are kind of starting to figure out that I am capable of happiness. I'm just really thankful that my joy is evident, and that it all hinges on my relationship with Christ.


Anonymous said...

Check out Scrivener...google it. It is AWESOME software for writers and is pretty cheap. I just downloaded it a month or so ago. I LOVE IT!!!

Anonymous said...

"who knows somebody who know's somethin bout it!" hahaha favorite! i can picture you doing that. and me reading your mind that you just did that... ;)