i'm not internationally known, but i'm known to rock the microphone

I'm pretty much the definition of "white girl".

LBDs, private school, pumps, country boyfriend, trips to the salon, sassy attitude, girls nights, extensions, red lipstick. It all fits. Except one thing...

My deep, deep love for rap music and gettin' down. I discovered around the 4th grade {while attending a Christian private school} that I had this inate ability to memorize all the words to a rap within a few times of listening to it. I just love it. I know it's dirty, I know most of it's awful, and I honestly don't listen to it very often because of that. But it's a part of what makes me me. So in honor of that, I'm doing you guys the great favor of sharing my playlist of favorite raps. It ranges from N.W.A. to Nicki Minaj, but it's my favorites, the ones I know all the words to.

Happy thuggin' Friday.

Ba Doom Doom by Blake Bollinger on Grooveshark

{Some of these are pop songs that don't seem to fit, but I just really love Lil Mama & Nelly's contributions. Bear with me.}

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Mr. Taylor and his Lady said...

ha, LOVE this! i always try to pretend like i know the words to all the rap songs, but i definitely don't. super jealous girl!
xo TJ