your daily dose of beautiful

Preface: I am deeply, madly, fully in love with my sweet boyfriend. And outrageously attracted to him. Outrageously. But, I'm just one of those girls with a great appreciation for beautiful men. Always have been, always will be. So this post does not undermind my love for J, or make me a bad girlfriend. It makes me your best friend :)

So without further ado, your daily dose of beautiful. The men who get my blood pumping, if you will.

The ole' faithfuls. I had this poster of Leo on my wall for...years. And had books on him. I still think he's incredibly attractive, and his acting has obviously gotten far better {Inception. Mind blown.}, but this baby face will always melt me. And oh Mr. Joseph. I have loved you since the days of 3rd Rock from the Sun. You are precious and 500 Days of Summer is the best. As are you.

The brooders. Ugh. Doesn't that dark & mysterious just get to you? But the wonderful thing about both James & Ryan is that they both have these wonderfully quirky personalities in interviews. So they just cover all the bases. Beautiful, talented, brooding, & funny. Yes please. Thank you.

The new adds. Let me introduce you to Henry Cavill if you haven't already met. This is the man that if I met him, I am quite certain I would turn into a puddle on the floor. That jawline. Those eyes. Those abs {google it. you're welcome.}. Dream. Boat. And an accent. And a talented actor. Aoooga! I wonder what it's like to be that beautiful? Ok I'll stop. And then there's sweet Adam. Parks & Rec has just made me fall head over heels for you and your wonderfully dry sarcasm. Adam+Leslie 4ever.

For good measure here's a link to my "I want to go to there" man pintrest board. Go wild.

{Also: you may notice a new button over on the right. That's one of my favorite bloggy friends Tanya from Mr. Taylor & His Lady. I have an ad space on her wonderful blog and will be featured over there in a couple weeks. Go check her out, she's precious.}

Happy Friday!


Sarah Frills4Thrills said...

hahaha! you are so funny! love it : )

{amy k.} said...

comin over from your ad space on 'mr. taylor and his lady'. ryan.... mmmmmmm. and i'm off to check out your board on pinterest now! :)

Mr. Taylor and his Lady said...

ha, i loved how you had to justify yourself. but don't worry, i'm married and both the hubs and i have our little celebrity crushes so it's all good!
xo TJ

Breanna said...

haha, man o man!
Just stopping by to show some love.
Following you :)

Have a good Friday!
Breanna xx