awkward + awesome wednesday

-Getting caught spitting rhyme along with Cam'ron in my car. Full on. I'm sorry I know all the words to Hey Ma & it's one of my favorite songs. Stop judging me with your eyes!
-I may or may not have also been dancing along with Hey Ma. In my defense, it was dark outside. And that song just makes me move.
-The incredibly whiny voice I did earlier today when I was frustrated with an order. My coworker looked at me and just said "are you serious? stop it." So embarassing.
-You know when you get really excited that one of your friend's kids is walking towards you and you crouch down and open up your arms and they go around you? That's always fun.
-How do uncles miraculously obtain the ability to be so awkward & inappropriate? And while it wasn't too awkward for me, there were a couple of moments the past couple of days that I think J wanted to die after his uncles opened their mouths.

-That today is my last full day of work for 5 days. That's right, starting tomorrow at noon, I'm off through Tuesday. Is that the Hallelujah chorus I hear?
-Birthday weekend full of plans to just hang out with friends that I don't always get to see.
-I can honestly say I never thought I'd be one of those girls whose mom was her best friend, but I am. My mama's my best friend. I love it and it's awesome.
-While the circumstances really, really sucked, it was really nice to get to be around J's family this week. They are just a fantastic group of people who make me feel more loved than any boyfriend's family ever has.
-Did I mention my parent's are giving me a new car? Yes sir. And while the Corolla has served me exceptionally well for the last 6 years, someone needs to buy it from me stat.

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Naara said...

Your awkward wednesdays always make me laugh!