call me, beep me.

No post yesterday due to being at my parents' and their internet being down. In reality, it was kind of fantastic to be disconnected {they live in a black hole of cell service as well}. I was able to access twitter & facebook a couple times when I ventured out of the house, and shoot off a couple of texts to J just to let him know I was alive and still loved him very much. But mostly I laid on the couch, watched an outrageous number of movies, ate way too much, and cranked out three new blog posts. Woo hoo! When inspiration hits, you don't ignore it, I've learned that quickly. So those are to come.

 It also made me look at how completely overconnected I am 24/7. Do you ever take a second to breathe and realize whoa...twitter, facebook, instagram, email, texts, phone calls, blogger. so much! It is so much! I think it's good for us to have days off. I think I'm going to start implementing "black out days" where I don't do any of the above outside of what is imperative {letting people know you're alive and well}. What're your thoughts on over connection?

One of many things I inherited from my father is his love of festivals & fairs. I swear everytime I hear there's a fair in town I excited look at J with that can we go, please, please?! look on my face. So pops and I wander downtown to the Three Rivers Art Festival and spent the next couple of hours perusing the booths of part from people who ranged from Oregon to Baton Rouge. It was a lovely way to spend a Sunday.

And because no incredibly spaztic blog post is complete without what lipstick is Blake wearing today?

MAC Ruby Woo

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Ashlyn said...

your blog is super adorable!
& i know exactly what you mean -- being disconnected from the world can be kinda nice & relaxing! i dont do it enough.

i also love going to fairs! they are so fun & they make me feel like alittle kid! my favorite part is the cotton candy & funnel cakes! :]

newest follower!
xoxo. ashlyn