awkward + awesome wednesday

-The fact that this weekend, when discussing "their song", my mother thought theirs was Josh Turner's "Long Black Train". I popped my head up and asked "y'all's song is about boarding a train to hell??". After everyone started breathing again from laughing so hard, it was discovered their song is "Why Don't We Just Dance?" Not quite the same, mom :)
-Wearing red lipstick and drinking out of a cup. I don't care how many years I've been wearing it, I always have this fear that it's going to rub all over my face in the process. Am I the only one?
-Trying to swipe a mosquito off of someone's head and them thinking you're trying to slap them instead. Especially when it's your boyfriend and you're in the middle of a serious discussion. Violence is not the answer...
-You know that scene in Mean Girls where Tina Fey tries to take off her sweater and her undershirt sticks to it? Yeah. Welcome to my life. *head desk* *head desk* *head desk*

-Three days at home this weekend, most of which was spend in the same spot on the couch. Oh, sweet relaxation.
-Talking to your best friend all day via GChat & texting, and then having lunch with her.
-The fact that now, anytime anyone sees any cute thing in Navajo print, they tell me about it. I love that people associate me with the things I'm obsessed with. Also, I buy most of them. Except that one uber expensive rug...that I've still got my eye on.
-Vacation days. Between November 14th and the 1st of the year, I have 10 days off. TEN. I just scheduled 3 & 1/2 days off around my birthday. I can't even explain how giddy I am about it.
-Immortals. With the boyfriend. I haven't been this ridiculous about a movie since....I don't know when. Harry Potter?
-My parents giving me 4 boxes of hot chocolate. All different flavors. Excited doesn't cover it.


Mr. Taylor and his Lady said...

ha, you are too funny. i've never had this fear of getting lipstick all over me, only getting on my teeth when i first put it on. but i will never let my fear keep me from wearing it. ADORE lipstick!
xo TJ

MJ said...

I have dreams about that stinking rug.