oh, happy day!

{boots & sweater stockings//Target}

It was 33° this morning when I left for work. A high of 67°. You know what that means, new booties {from Target!} & sweater stockings and pea coats and one happy girl. Well, probably lots of happy girls, but I can only speak for myself. We turned the heat on in the house last night and quickly learned it has two settings. Off & the inside of a volcano. So that'll be interesting for the 0.2 seconds of winter we get here in L.A.

But it's Friday. And I have very exciting plans to cuddle up on the couch with J tonight and make him watch whatever weird movie I want to watch this time. He landed himself a strange one, but thankfully he loves it.

Happy Friday & Happy Weekend!

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Pearl said...

SUper cute BOOTS!
You have an adorable Blog!