Awkward & Awesome Wednesday!

-You know those days where you're just not comfortable? Like...your clothes are just killing you and all you want is to go home and put on sweats and a tshirt.
-How much I hate Courntey Stodden. I know, I really need to pray about it. But look, girl...you're really ruining it for all of us woman who don't want to be seen a pieces of meat. Get off twitter, put some clothes on, quit talking about sex with your incredibly creepy, 51-year-old husband, and GO BACK TO HIGH SCHOOL!
-The moment in the LSU game when everyone thought we'd scored the winning touchdown and started freaking out, only to find out the player had stepped out of bounds. We all sheepishly looked at each other and wished we could take back the screaming and high fives.
-This is less "awkward" and more just "sucky", but um...the men who yell at me on the phone because I'm not giving them the information they want fast enough. It just really bums me out.

-The throwing of paper balls across the office. Even more awesome? Perfectly aiming one right into your coworker's lap who just answered the phone. And then watching her apologize profusely to the client on the other end.
-9 hours of sleep. 'Nuff said.
-The incredible rain storm that blew through last night. I kind of love it when they wake me up so I can fall asleep to the sound of rain.
-Getting to talk to my sweet friend who's on the World Race right now. Thank God for technology, huh?! Even more awesome, the fact that he was able to speak overwhelming amounts of truth into my life across the world.

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