Awkward & Awesome Wednesday

-You know what's super awesome in coffee? Ground cinnamon. Know what's super disgusting in coffee? Ground cumin. Good morning!
-I'm sorry and really embarrassed to say this, but pit stains. Um...I've been sitting at my desk all day. Where did those come from?!
-Our church's halloween party is Friday, I've opted to make my own costume {from scratch}, and I haven't started yet. Frick.
-WHY IS IT 85° DEGREES IN OCTOBER?! That cold front was such a tease, my emotions can't even handle it. I'm hot. And I don't like it.
-The fact that thinking about the LSU v. Bama game quite literally makes me feel like I'm going to vomit. I've never been this excited about a football game and it's a week & a half away. Someone medicate me.

-French braids on a lazy day. And my hair being long enough to get in a braid!
-The guy at Smoothie King knows my name. While some would file this under awkward, I'm over the moon at the chance to walk in next time and say "the usual". Yes!
-Packages in the mail. Especially packages that contain the sweater you've been dreaming about all week.
-GMail chat that allows for awesome conversations across the city.
-Ok, I know I'm incredibly behind on this, but Gungor! How awesome are they?! They pretty much make up my entire work playlist at the moment.
-A community group that you can be totally honest with. Always. Even about the ugly stuff. I think everybody needs something like that. A place to be you, even when you don't necessarily want to be you.

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Mr. Taylor and his Lady said...

ha, i think it IS awesome when you can walk into a restaurant and they know your name. even better if they know your "usual". small town dream! ha
xo TJ