LC on the brain

See, this is what happens when boyfriend goes out of town, my roomates have to study, I finish my Halloween costume {cha-ching!}, and I watched Scream home alone and am certain there's a serial killer downstairs. I play with my extensions and put on more makeup than I've ever worn in public to avoid going to sleep. And take photobooth pictures.

I really wish I was capable of waking up more than 10 minutes before I need to dash out the door for work, because I would totally wear these things every day. I mean, they give me Lauren Conrad hair! What girl doens't want that?! Wait, I'm not the only girl unhealthily obsessed with LC, right? Close second for ultimate girl crush {behind Ms. Emma Stone, of course}. She's just so pretty. And stylish. And sucessful. And perfect. Okay I'll stop.

I'm just really thankful BR has a Kohl's, because if I couldn't get my hands on her line I'd be royally upset. I just appreciate that she makes clothes that are realistic and cute. And maybe I buy them because I want to be her. Ok. Enough.

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