Awkward & Awesome Wednesday

-The amount of laundry I need to do right now. No really, it's taken over my room. I'm pretty sure it's starting to scare my roommates. Also I have no clean clothes, which is awful.
-Seeing a guy I dated in high school in Win Dixie {what are you doing in BR?! Seriously}, and making J hide me when we ended up right next to him in check out. That was really only awkward because I made it awkward
-The fact that between 10 & 11:30 AM all I pin on Pintrest is food/recipes. I always feel the need to apologize. I'm just hungry, y'all!
-The amount of youtube clips I've watched today. And the fact that I just want to post them all here. But I won't.

-My best friend is finally engaged. I don't have to lie anymore. Thank you Jesus. & being asked to be a maid of honor. Never had that happen before, and it is a nice feeling, I won't lie.
-Those sermons that God uses your pastor to straight punch you in the face. We had one of those Sunday. Still recovering.
-Lunch twice in a row with my best girls, dinner tonight with one, and then dinner tomorrow night with another. Biggest thing I've learned about "adult" life is being intentional about spending time with people who fill you up. For this week-check.
-97.7. Yeah, I just changed your whole driving experience.
Photo cred: Loupe Theory Studios

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