Awkward & Awesome Wednesday!

Do you read The Daybook? If you don't you should, cauuuse it's the best on the block.

Sydney & Tyson are just the cutest and clearly love each other to pieces. Sydney really inspires me for some reason, to take better care of my appearance but not to get too wrapped up in it. She seems to balance pretty well on that very delicate line. And she's stinkin' hilarious.

She does this thing called "Awkward & Awesome Thursdays" and encourages her followers do to the same {I'm sorry I just used the word follower. The Daybook is not a cult} & I think I'm going to do that. Except this will be Awkward & Awesome Wednesdays. A little hump day treat, if you will. So here ya go:

Awkward & Awesome Wednesday

-The Smoothie King employee that just up & down'd me and then asked if I wanted to add "diet down" to my smoothie. And when I declined, asked if "I knew what diet down did?" Consider me offended.
-Crying at your desk. Even though I do it all the time over cheesy youtube videos or moving articles, it's still always awkward.
-The little look-back-and-giggle resulting in slamming into a wall I've been pulling off nicely lately. Always gets a few laughs.
-The total meltdown I had at work Friday because I was convinced no one in the office really likes me. Lots of crying. And the fact that everyone knows about it.
-Going to a CHS football game, and getting ugly looks from the same girls that didn't like me in high school. Really? 4 & 1/2 years later and we're still doing this?

-Reconciliation & the rebuilding of a friendship that was broken over a year ago. We've been dreaming about each other for about 6 months, unbeknownst to one another. It's so God it gives me goosebumps. Dinner tonight!
-Getting to add to the number of pregnant friends I have last night. And getting so excited I made the big-brother-to-be start crying {or is that more awkward?}
-This song. I can't stop listening. Preach sista!
-The fact that because of afore mentioned meltdown, everyone's really making an effort to let me know they think the new kid's pretty okay.
-Going to a CHS football game and getting to spend time with my main girls from high school. And it feeling like we never skipped a beat.
-Community group being on anger last night, and not feeling totally ashamed and like a failure. And being able to look back on how far God's brought me in my struggle with anger and have so much joy.

Comment with your Awkward & Awesomes! You know you want to.

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Ashley Hawthorne said...

You picked a great day to do this!

The looks I got when shopping at Sally's Beauty Supply just now. Apparently I just dont get it.

Being reminded of how awesome velcro rollers are about adding root volume and then buying a set!

The man in Subway trying to take over my turkey flat bread.

The lady in checkout telling me my earrings and scarf are fabulous :)