I swear to all things good this is not turning into a health and fitness blog. But, this is where I talk about life, and right now, life is about getting healthy.

I actually ate healthy as a kid. Mom always cooked, we went with the organic trend when it hit, but we were still allowed the fun things a kid should get {cookie dough ice cream, Zap's, slim jims. the good stuff.} Problem was when I went to college. Dorm life does not exactly lend itself to healthy eating. Healthy anything, really, but most of all not healthy eating. I had a fridge the size of my leg that was usually stocked with only milk so I'd have some to pour over my cereal as I rushed out the door. And that trend {eat quick and easy} continued for the next four years, even when I moved into an apartment or house with a kitchen. I just didn't have the time or will to eat smart. And I certainly wasn't paying attention to what I put in my mouth, in any sense of the phrase.

Cue meeting with nutrionalist a week ago. It's seems as though he woke something up in me that was like "hey! you know how you kind of feel like crap all the time?! MAYBE that's because all you eat is crap?" For some reason I've always had this really privileged sense of I'm only 22!! I can eat whatever I want! Uh, no Blake. You cannot. I mean, you can. But you'll end up feeling like you did 2 weeks ago. Sluggish and gross.

So. First "healthy eating" grocery trip went down yesterday. I think I did pretty well. Only carb in my basket was a box of whole grain crackers, because I'm sorry-but I need something to stack my cheese on top of. . Turkey burgers with no buns, yummy seasoned chicken, and lots and lots of veggies.

It's only been two weeks, and I already feel so much better. And by better I mean sassier and sexier.

I rejuvinated my brain this weekend too with a trip to NOLA to visit my newly engaged best friend! Normally a trip to her place means lots of time on the couch/in bed-eating and drinking. But this weekend we got out! We hit up a couple of art museums, the quarter, had dinner at Pere Antoines {to DIE for!}, & went to the zoo. Of course, we did veg out some and watched Something Borrowed, which I loved. I have this tendency to really identify with the parts Kate Hudson plays, but more on that later.

Lesson learned:
Sometimes being a best friend means sitting on the curb while one of us {me} laughs so hard she cries and wheezes and sounds like she's having a break-down after the other {Lenny} falls up the stairs of the Civil War museum. I seriously had to sit there for a solid 5 minutes while people walked by and looked concerned. I have a problem.

View from our window seat at Pere Antoine's
Carousel ride at the zoo. Being an adult is rough....

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