This lady, right here.

Saturday was my amazing Mama's birthday, so that gives me permission to post a picture of me in a diaper and her with those awesome 80's glasses, right?

But seriously, happy belated to the woman who taught me how to appreciate a good glass of wine, a black & white flick, and how to make myself relax. And who is still trying to teach me how to stand up for myself, say no, and not live my life for other people. She's couragous and will love you to the end.

Happy Birthday Mama.
In other news, this weekend was fantastic. A good bit of Saturday was spent in my bed or on the couch recovering from the 5 miles my best friend and I defeated that morning. Saturday night was fish fry, Sunday was spent in New Rhodes meeting boyfriend's hilarious family and eating crawfish till I thought I'd pop. My 4th was much of the same: family, eating, about to pop.

And then fireworks :) I love fireworks. Even more snuggled up on my main man.

Hope you had a great holiday weekend!!

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