"And I am certain that God, who began the good work within you, will continue His work until it is finally finished on the day when Christ Jesus returns." -Phillipians 1:6

Can you believe He's not finished with you yet? It's so easy to get completely encompassed in yourself to the point that you forget that you're a constant work in progress. It's also equally easy to get so down on yourself that you struggle to believe that God could ever change these things in yourself that you know just need to go. Seriously, I doubt that the Prince of Peace isn't strong and consistent enough to rid me of my unrest and selfishness? I am confident that God will perfect the work He's began in me.

I have this weird imbalance in my ability to be content. Day-to-day, I don't think I'm too shabby at it. Today sucks? Okay. Roll with the punches, and tomorrow will be better. You don't like me? Eh, okay. There are plenty other people who do. Hour-to-hour, work to school to work to studying, I think I'm pretty good at being content with what's handed to me. After all, I am simply running a race, and all these hindrances are part of the whole plan.

But long-term, being content with where I am right now, not so much. I won't lie, I am very, very over being in college. I'm very over having to study my butt off for classes that I couldn't possibly care less about, having to juggle school and work and a social life. It's very difficult for me to focus on today, and not go into "fairy-tale la la land" and start day dreaming about graduation and marriage and babies. (Deep breaths, Alex. Deep breaths.)

But in all of that, I'm the one that ends up missing out. School sucks, yes, but soak it in. It's an opportunity to be a light, just like everything else is. It gets really stressful sometimes having a job and 15 hours, but I'll be well adjusted to having a lot on my plate once real life starts. No, I am not married, or engaged, and I may not be for some time, but that's a good thing right now. Work out the kinks, enjoy each other, and stop trying to speed towards something that God just doesn't have for you yet.

Enjoy today. And not just in passing. Look around you and realize that you've got it pretty dang good. Instead of setting your eyes on the things that a year from now may hold for you, re-set your eyes on Jesus. He's much easier to run towards, because He's consistent. And He wants you to look at Him.

Live in today, not tomorrow.
Live today

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