awkward + awesome gold mine

•1/4 of the way through bible study last night, I realize something is violently jabbing me in my...excuse my frankess, but in my boob. A couple seconds later I realize it's the underwire from my bra. I slip to the bathroom, unzip my dress, fix it, and zip my dress back up, zipping a huge chunk of my hair with it. It took me a solid 5 minutes to get my hair out of the zipper.
•So I have this super cute pair of braided sandals that I love. They're about a 1/2 a size to big for me. But I wear them daily anyway. Yesterday I got up from my desk to ask my coworker something, and went flying across my department as the toe of my shoe bent under and catapulted me forward. I'm pretty sure she thought I was about to hurdle her desk.
•Shopping with a friend Saturday, we agreed to meet at Dillard's. When we left it was starting to rain, so we went our seperate ways and planned to meet at our next destination. She walked straight to her car while I wandered around a bit looking for mine. Meanwhile it starts to pour. It took me about 5 minutes of wandering to realize I had parked at the other entrance to Dillard's. Needless to say, I was damp when I arrived at lunch.
•Remember how amped I was about the Andy Davis concert last Friday? Yeah. We skipped it to go to dinner and go home and watch Swamp People. We skipped a concert by one of my favorite artists to lay on the couch and watch Swamp People. And it was my idea. Who am I?!!
•Lunges. And how stupid bad my butt hurts today. And the fact that I'm pretty sure I'm waddling.

•Hour long fb conversations with my best friend who currently resides in China, who I miss more everyday. And the promise of getting to see her face on Skype Sunday.
•My amazing, wonderful father offering to fly me to Houston for a wedding this weekend on his points to save me the 5 hour drive. That man, I tell you. He's as good as they come.
•You should know that I have a secret [well, I guess not so secret now] obsession with Kate Middleton. I just love her. So this really made my day today.
•Corrine Bailey Rae's "Put Your Records On" with the windows down on a gorgeous day driving down the interstate. That's what's awesome.
•These two are getting married Saturday, and I get to be there. Alex and I met our sophomore year and I thought she hated me. And she thought I hated her. We solved that real quick with an hour long conversation in the hall of an apartment building, discovering we were passionate about all the same things. She's since become one of my most beloved friends, was my roommate for a summer, and even when we get on each other's nerves [aka we're both really strong headed and opinionated], we always make it back to each other. And Preston's just super awesome and sweet-hearted. So thankful that I get to be there to watch them become husband and wife and dance the night away. And until then, I get to stay with that precious pup in the middle. It's going to be SnuggleFest2012 up in there.

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MJ said...

Oh. My. Gosh.

That Kate Middleton website is my NW FAVORITE. I, too, have a slight obsession. Actually it's really unhealthy.