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Single Ladies (Cover) -Sara Bareilles
She's so stinking talented!! I'm obsessed with her.

This wedding by Andria Lindquist is one of the most amazing I've ever seen. And their story is precious. And they eloped, which is my favorite thing ever. Ever. Go ahead and drool, you can thank me later.

2011 in Twitter Review

And my Kelly Clarkson obsession continues to grow. I don't care how cheesy and cliche this song is, it could pretty much be the Fearless theme song. 

Lastly: Love, Lace, & Life Changes is back on the air. Not that any of you noticed that it was down, but it went through some major renovations, and now it's back! I still haven't updated since...oh....September, but I'm going to! I promise! Anyway, you can still go look at how pretty it is and ooh and ahh at all my hard work, right? Quit judging me and just go.

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