-I find it a little awkward how much I enjoy Rob Pattinson's contribution to the Twilight soundtrack. His voice makes me happy. Wait. I own the Twilight soundtrack? Frick.
-Also, I'm pretty annoyed that Miley's cover of Bob's "You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome" has grown on me. I no longer want to throw things at the radio when it comes on. What the?
-Neck pain that causes a migraine that causes nausea that causes you to sleep on the bathroom floor.
-Finishing season 4 of BBT and not having season 5. Ok that's not awkward, but how much I freaked out was. That cliffhanger was just not fair, and then I downloaded episode 1 of season 5 on iTunes but it took forever so now I don't know what happened and I'm genuinely panicked about the state of Leonard and Penny's relationship.
-Let me paint a picture for you. Go the salon Saturday morning, sitting at the table, chatting with my lovely hairdresser, and this girl starts talking so loud and obnoxiously about Hollywood and how she used to sing with Demi Lovato and how if she ever has kids she's going to be poppy Vivance like her life depends on it and how Jessica Simpson's fat and I almost punched her in the face. She was everything wrong with the female race.

-Seeing my parents twice in one week. Once for lunch Sunday, once for dinner last night. I love them so much.
-I'm talking about music a lot today, I'm not sure why. But, my musical diet lately has been purely Ray La Montagne, Bob Dylan, & Bon Iver. Happy girl.
-New blog obsession: Gal Meets Glam. I pretty much just want to be her. You're welcome.
-I'm just really in love, and love being in love.
-It's official, Kelly Clarkson, Demi Lovato, & Jessica Simpson are my favorites. I just adore them for being themselves, being real about life, and not letting anyone make them hate themselves. You rock those curves ladies. Thank you.
-I'm so obsessed with this song right now. Beside the fact that I'm still convinced I'm going to marry JGL (love you J), it's just genius and catchy! Again, you're welcome.

Cash, money, money, cash, money, money, cash.

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Kristen Soileau said...

Gosh she has the cutest style!! I couldn't find an outfit that I didn't like! Thanks for sharing your new find:)