awkward + awesome

-Last week I got all amped about Rotollo's calzones, convinced J to go, and then ate the ENTIRE thing. I thought I was going to die. As we walked out the restaurant I groaned "Ahhhh I'm sooo full" right in some man's face that was walking in. Hi, I'm the queen of awkward. Nice to meet you.
-This weather is the wooooorrrrst. Can I get an amen? 75° in December is straight up unacceptable. Plus the mugginess is making me feel like my hair is wet all the time. Gross.
-So Monday night J and I both had copious amounts of cleaning & laundry to do at our respective houses, so we resolved to not hang out. I walked into the hallway after coming home to change and realized I was wearing blue plaid pajama pants, my raccoon wearing a scarf sweater, pink slippers, & my hair on top of my head. I walked by my roommates room and she laughed. My ability to be awkward with out trying astounds me.
-I eat way too fast. It's a fact that has been a part of me since I was a child. My parents used to daily tell me "your food isn't going anywhere, Blake. Slow down." And now, when I choke on stuff because I'm inhaling,  J just looks at me and goes "eaaassy". It's embarrassing and endearing. I'm pretty much 6 and don't know how to eat without choking.
-Is it bad that I'm almost ready for Christmas to be over so people will stop asking if we're getting engaged for Christmas? And yes, I know that this is the second time this topic has been in awkwards. C'est la vie.

-Every once in a while I get super overwhelmed by peoples' reception of my blog. Like, tears and heart racing and deep breaths. And then I get even more overwhelmed as I thank God for the opportunity to speak some truth into peoples' lives with what He teaches me. So, to every person who reads, comments, reposts, retweets, texts, etc-thank you. Deeply, sincerely. It makes it easier to be transparent when you're so encouraged all the time.
-I'm starting to play with the idea of writing a book. So yeah...there's that.
-How wonderful is the new awkward + awesome picture? Yes.
-I have a recently acquired affinity for yoga {& by yoga I mean the 30 minute DVD I bought like a year ago} & my "ambient/new age" Pandora station. I'm attempting to join the centered movement & learn how to slow down a little bit. Next step-learn how to meditate & go to hot yoga. I'll keep you updated.
-I won these babies during our community group's white elephant game last night. I had to puppy dog eye and beg a few people not to steal them from me, but I emerged victorious. And I love them.

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Jessica said...

1. I just learned how to actually leave a comment on the blog as opposed to on your link on fbook.
2. WRITE A BOOK! I'll read it (: