awkward + awesome

-Let me just tell you about my morning right quick. Get up, get dressed, throw hair in a bun because I'm lazy. Go downstairs, pull 2 eggs out of the carton and put the pan on the stove. Eggs roll off of counter & smash on floor. While cleaning that up, I realize whatever was on the pan previously is smoking like crazy. Turn around to turn the stove off and knock a full glass of Dr. Pepper from the night before on the floor, counter, and walls. Turn stove off. Sit on floor & stare at the mess that has happened in the last 10 seconds. Start over.
-I really could just leave today's awkward at the first item, but there's more. How about how deep my love for New Girl's  Schmidt is beginning to run. Like my super witty {& equally in love with Schmidt} friend said, "if loving Schmidt is wrong, I don't want to be right".
-Grocery shopping alone at night at Wal Mart on Siegen. I literally fear for my life the entire time. And yes, I'm aware of the fact that that makes me sound like a bad person, but y'all that place is scary. I think I'm going to stick to making J go with me.
-You know what, I'm going to say it. The number of people who day-to-day ask me when J and I are getting married. And by people, I don't mean the ones who are close to us and care about us. I'm talking the complete randos that have no understanding of privacy. And it's bad y'all. I'm talking almost every day.

-That today is my first day of work since last Thursday. 5 days of blissfully relaxing vacation.
-My refrigerator is covered in Christmas cards & save-the-dates, & it makes me so ridiculously giddy. And feel pretty adult.
-I think this year might have been the best birthday I've ever had. A pretty dress, lots of dancing, & so much laughing. Thanks so much to everyone who made it great!
-I'm starting to kind of rock at my job. Today, I helped some guys construct a blueprint for a hydraulic system for a paper mill. Yea, I'm a hustla.


Shannon said...

Very cute post!


Breanna said...

love this post.