awkward + awesome wednesday

-J broke his thumb. Like serious, had to have surgery broke it. And how he has this huge cast. That I run into & bump regularly. He really has no hope around me. Our time together consists of him dodging my unintentional attempts to punch him in the hand and me profusely apologizing.
-Y'all, I think my ability to listen to a song on repeat or watch a movie every day is starting to be unhealthy. I can leave the same DVD in the player for a week and watch it every night {usually Beetlejuice or Alice in Wonderland}. Or listen to one song on repeat for like an hour {Currently-"You" by Chris Young}. That's not normal, is it?
-Ok. I've gotten into this terrible habit of licking J's face when I'm feeling weirder than normal. Sometimes he just makes his "you're the weirdest" face at me and let's it go. But other times he waits a little bit and then NINJA licks my face 100 times worse than I did. It's so gross, y'all. Don't worry, we already know we're strange. And awkward.
-Trying on bridesmaids dresses is a little awkward on it's own, right? Add in that you're trying them on after the bride's tall, slender, beautiful, and graceful sister and it's awkward gold. And you know I made it more awkward by walking around like the Hunchback of Notre Dame most the time. And droppin it low in every dress to make sure they were dance-in-able. And making pregnant bellies in all the empire waisted ones {you're welcome for the picture} Thank goodness my best friend already loves me and made me her MOH.

-I keep having these overwhelming "I'm so ridiculously blessed" moments that literally stop me in my tracks. This job, my home, my family, J, J's family. Sometimes I just have to take a second.
-Having J with me at Christmas was pretty much one of the most awesome parts of my year. I just love that dude. Ok. Gush fest over. I'm sorry.
-Have you seen the movie Super 8? Probably not. You should rent it.
-I'm such a huge fan of making J laugh. And it's so easy! Last night we laid around talking and goofing off and he was just rolling. And idk, that just leaves my heart real full.
-This song, on repeat. Add Josh Turner? Swoon.

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