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 Bundled up in my early birthday present, the chunky scarf my aunt knitted for me.

Happy day after Thanksgiving! I hope you're recovering from eating too much & Black Friday shopping if you went. My plan is to curl up and watch my fill of Christmas movies on my mama's couch & then cheer on my Tigers against #3 Arkansas this afternoon!  
Also. What's up Follow Fest bloggers?! Glad you made your way to Fearless! Feel free to follow {on the left over there} & comment to let me know you were here. Want to know a bit about me before you do? Be sure to check out the about me section above and peruse previous posts as well-I think they sum me up pretty well.

So here's some entertainment for you! My favorite things on the internet

A refreshingly honest article by "Make it Mad" Max. Worth the read, really.

Y'all. Melanie Amaro. If you don't watch X-Factor, you need to go to YouTube and watch every single one of her videos. And bring the Kleenex.

14 Actors Acting
14 silent videos of some of your favorite actors actually...acting.

I'm just really proud of Demi. How many celebs come out of rehab and honestly talk about their journey and recovery. And then take a Lil' Wayne song and BLOW IT OUT OF THE WATER! Ugh. She's so awesome.


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Thanks for visiting me over at Wild Ruffle! Hope your team get the win:)