weekend update.

Oh how I love Sundays. Our church has been teaching on how to really experience the Sabbath the way the Creator meant for us to. Josh spoke on it last Sunday, and it made a huge impact on J and I. He talked about the fact that God took the time to rest on the 7th day, so why do we think we don't need to? We're so terrible about using it as another day to get things done, and we wonder why our souls are so thirsty all the time. At least I know mine usually is. I spend so much of my time pining after rest, when it's my choice to be still or not.

 It's actually really made us evaluate the way we spend all of our time together, not just Sunday. It's usually spent zoned out on the couch in front of the TV because we're both so tired at the end of the day. But no excuses :) I knew I really wanted to get outside this weekend. I went for a 2 hour walk around our neighborhood, which is canopied by these awesome oaks, and listened to all the worship my iPhone has to offer. And it was amazing. I've found the ways I connect with Him the most is through his creation and worship, so a culmination of the two left me feeling so humbled and in love. And then I made J lay in the grass with me for a little while. He told me I looked like his dog all sprawled out in the lawn. I certainly hope I look better than Hagen....

So anyway, do you give yourself time to rest? To breathe and sit in the unexplainable peace only time with the Savior can give? Because let me tell you, it's a game changer. This Monday was far less daunting after spending real, intentional time feeding my soul yesterday.

{Any interest in the rest of my weekend? After the jump.}

This weekend was busy. But the good kind of busy, the kind where by Sunday night you can't believe it's only been three days.

We celebrated Jean's birthday with sushi and a house-warming/birthday party at our little place. It was lovely, lots of belly laughs and awesome pictures.

My home-made happy birthday sign that I am very, very proud of.

Saturday was spent sleeping through the second half of the LSU game and at game night with my favorite people. {Fun fact, all the couples line up vertically, and it wasn't on purpose. Kind of hilarious.} Having these kinds of people in your life is so vital. Girls you can confide and invest in {and boys for boys}. The kinds who you leave after spending time with them and your heart is just full. So thankful for y'all.

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