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This weekend, mom, pops, & I headed up to Lake Charles to watch Sam Houston State University beat up on McNeese. Is it wrong to cheer for a Texas team when you're as Louisiana as they come?

Not when you've known this kid since diapers, and he's an absolute beast on the field. 5"1" standing next to 6'4" is pretty hilarious, huh? Riley and I have known each other forever {that's his dad in the previous picture. everything really is bigger in TX.}. He's an offensive lineman for SHSU, and literally 3 times my size. 

Even if you've never met my parents, I bet you can pick out which ones are Bollingers and which ones are Smith's, can't you? {Hint: I got my height from my parents, & Riley's mom is bending down next to my mom.}

And then I made the abosolutely awful, terrible, night-ruining, but awesome decision of eating this monster AFTER I had basically eaten my body weight in sushi. Still recovering.

Alright. That's the weekend update/instagram upload. Tomorrow? First style blog. 
{Also, you can find me on instagram! blakehb}

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Anonymous said...

so if we're in your blog...we've achieved fame now, and can continue on with our mundane TX lives. Love you girl! BBS