Marilyn and Jackie. You know, they probably hated each other. I wonder if they would've gotten along if JFK could have kept it in his pants.

Lately I've been pondering if it's possible to be a hybrid of the two very contrasting women they both were. Assertive yet coy. Sexy yet modest. Artistic and pragmatic. A lady in the street, but a freak in the bed, if you will.

There are traits they both shared. They were both very beautiful women. And powerful in their own ways. Stylish too.

But there are traits they both possesed that I think I'd rather leave out. I don't think I'd particularly care to be addicted to upper/downers. Or be married three times. But I'm also not a fan of the idea of knowing my husband was running around, and turning a blind eye {this is me not caring that he was the President of the US}. I love each of them for seperate yet equal reasons. Marilyn for her ownership over her body and who she was. Jackie for her class and amazing philanthropic work. Now to get the two worlds to co-habitate, that's the key.

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