You may or may not be aware that I aside from Fearless, I also do a super crappy job of maintaining a wedding blog called Love, Lace, & Life Changes. I haven't always been crappy about it. In fact, I used to be quite wonderful at updating with inspiration boards and color spreads and general wedding things. And then I got a real job, and all that went down the toilet.

This isn't a promise that I'm going to be faithful about updating it all the time, but it is a guarantee that I'm going to be better about it. My recent post about giving up on things you're passionate about has still had me thinking, and event planning is one of those things that I've given up on {temporarily}. Still praying about what direction to go with that little tug on my heart.

Anyway. I updated LL&LC, and since I'm sure no one ever thinks to look at it because it's been oh...two months since I posted, I thought I'd let y'all know. It's short and sweet and simple, but it's a step in the right direction.


So click on through to Love, Lace, & Life Changes and check out some of my favorite things {& my unhealthy addiction to Pintrest.}

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