Plan for the weekend: Drive to Fairhope, AL, Friday afternoon, spend Friday night through Sunday late morning spending time with J's mama, laying on the couch, watching movies, eating amazing home cooked meals, re-lax-ing.

Actual events of the weekend: Drive to Fairhope, AL Friday afternoon, spend Friday night and Saturday morning laying on the couch watching movies, eating homemade beignets.
This is where the plan comes to a screeching halt and is replaced with a far more hectic and hilarious sequence of events.

J's sister leaves Saturday morning for Biloxi, and her car breaks down in Mobile. Have I mentioned that J works on cars for a living? So there's no way we're having it towed somewhere else to have it worked on. Oh, and it's only going to cost about $700 to have it towed home so J can work on it. Not happenin'.

So we get back in the car and drive to Hammond and pick up J's uncle's tractor trailer and uncle.

@ least the company was cute.

Drive back to Mobile & load sister's car on the trailer.

Drive it back to Fairhope, scarf down some white beans and rice and pork chops, crash for a couple hours, and get up bright and early Sunday morning to make the drive back home. Sister and I sat in the back seat and tried not to panic over the trailer we were hauling and how much it was swerving.

All-in-all, it was just a hilarious weekend. J and I kept looking at each other and saying "not quite the weekend we had planned, huh?" But in the end, I learned a valuable lesson.

If you can find someone that you can be in the car with for 18 hours in a 36 hour span under rather stressful circumstances and not want to strangle by the time you get home, but rather want to spend more time with them-they're probably a keeper.

& I got to end my weekend with the sweet babies in the nursery. That's mutli-tasking at its best, right there. There is little better than getting to spend an hour just loving on the people you love's kids. I think it's my favorite way to serve. Helps that all our kids are so stinking precious and wonderful.

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