Hey, hey sweet daughter.

If you know me, you know I'm a total daddy's girl. So naturally, I just sat at my desk and bawled my eyes out for the last 4 minutes and 17 seconds watching this video. I mean, I hope I've never been as ugly to my Papa as the girl in the video is, but it's definitely a possibility. I was 16 once.

I'm so blessed to have a father that consistantly exemplifies how my heavenly Father loves me. I have never doubted for a second in my life that my Papa would do anything for me and how deeply he loves me. He's the kind of dad who made breakfast in the morning, sat at the kitchen table and read the Bible to us while we ate, & left good morning notes for us when he left for work before we were awake. The kind of papa who picked us up and danced around the living room to the music, who hid in the house and scared the crap out of us, who wrestled on the floor with us. He's the man who taught me to love hiking, the mountains, good music, and better beer.

The kind that scared the first boy who came to pick me up for a date so bad he almost bounced off the doorframe trying to get out the front door, who held me while I sobbed over a break up, and loved me when I got back together with a boy who he'd had to watch break my heart. He's the most amazing example of a Christian man I've ever seen, & I'm lucky to be able to say "I want to marry someone like my daddy" {even though I haven't always dated guys like my daddy}.

I'm getting a little emotional even as I write this. I think it's been too long since I've curled up in my dad's lap and watched an old western. Thank goodness I'm going home this weekend.

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Anonymous said...

wow what you've said about your dad makes me feel lucky like you. my dad is an amazing man. i'm only 16 but hes seen me go through at lot. that song is the song that reminds my dad of me!