In 10 days I move into the sweetest, most wonderful little townhouse you've ever seen. And some days, it's all I can think about. We haven't moved a single piece of furniture in, but it already feels like home. As I spend my day dreaming about getting my keys today and starting the moving process, I thought I'd share my blue prints for making my room the sanctuary I hope it will be.

I know. This color palette's every where. But I just really love it. I think it's the perfect mix of sassy and adult.

I found this tutorial while searching for a DIY headboard, and it's perfect.

I have a tall dresser back home {not this exact one, but really close} that's going to make the trip to the city when I move in. I think I'm going to check some thrift stores and probably Anthropologie and find some assorted knobs to dress it up.

The faithful lamp I've had since I came to college finally bit the dust, so it's time for a new one :) I'm really in love with these glass ones {expensive!!}, but I also love the sleekness of the wood.

I'm in need of an oversized cork board to just stick things on so I don't lose them. Right now I'm planning on buying a plain one and spray painting it with a yellow/gray damask pattern.

Have I mentioned that my room {& entire house for that matter} is tiny? It is. And I love it for that. But it's going to make storage interesting, so I'm going to raise my bed and find some cute storage bins to keep clothes and odd-ends under there.

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