{Life Update}

Time for one of these. Lots going on!!

I graduated from LSU (almost two months ago now. uh wha?). Fun part is my baby sister graduated from high school the week before me. Lots of celebration (and check recieving) going on in the Bollinger house hold. The picture at the bottom right is one of my favorites from graduating. I was so excited I double fist pumped walking off the stage.

Next up, one of my dearest friends since the 8th grade got MARRIED. She and Cody have been together since we were 16, so it was just really sweet and wonderful.

From left to right: at our high school graduation, graduating from LSU, 5 minutes before she walked down the aisle.

Last, but certainly not least, I GOT A JOB! Yeah. Like a big girl job. A 40 hours a week job. I definitely appreciate my weekends like 1526852 times more now. And days off {like this Monday! Whats up July 4th!}. But I really like the sense of accomplishment I feel when I get home, kick of my shoes, throw up my hair, and crash on my couch everyday.

Clockwise: My sweet little messy desk, my "view" (at least I can tell if its raining), a month in and I already got an award. Hoop ya. It's actually a prank. Jerks, aaand my super awesome double screens that I'm spoiled on and make me hate my laptop back home.

For the time being I'm living in a little house with three girls and two dogs. But come August, this is home. The most precious little townhouse you've ever seen in your whole life. Hardwood floors, lots of windows, amazing location. Heaven. This is what I spend a majority of my time day dreaming about.

Speaking of day dreaming, I have a surprising amount of time to do so at my new job. If I had to guess, I'd say it's because I'm sitll in training. But I'm loving it because all I do is discover and then read new blogs. I'm so inspired I feel like it's going to start coming out of  my ears. I know I've talked about Fearless becoming little more of a lounge and less of a forum, so we shall see. Plus I want to start doing more crafts, rather than just crashing out the second I get home.


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