30 Before 30

I just turned 22, but I've had this list for about a year now. I'm not sure what made me just decide to post it, but why not. Here goes.

1. Write and sing an original song
2. Stay in a bed & breakfast somewhere in New England
3. Put my feet in every ocean
4. Be a red head (like my mama)
5. Teach someone how to read
6. Eat escargo
7. Buy and redo an old house
8. Go to New York and see a Broadway show
9. Go to Ireland
10. Get a job I enjoy getting up for every morning
11. Layout on a CA beach
12. Be a part of a flash mob (closest thing I'm going to get to being in a real life musical)
13. Get off facebook for a month
14. Road trip somewhere and see all the random, weird stops along the way
15. Watch AFI's 100 Years 100 Movies
16. Run a 5k. Run, not walk
17. See Garth Brooks in concert
18. Buy a new car
19. Visit every state (21 down, 29 to go)
20. Buy myself something from Tiffany's (or have someone buy it for me ;))
21. Swim with dolphins
22. Go to Europe & at least see Italy and France
23. Skydive
24. Go to every museum in D.C.
25. Get certified in massage therapy
26. Own a dog
27. Learn how to box 
28. Be able to do 100 consecutive push ups
29. Ride a mechanical bull
30. Host a fancy-shmanshy dinner party for my closest friends

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