Order in the Court!

I would really love to be asleep right now, but my brain won't slow down enough. So let's try organizing some of the the thoughts bouncing around.

One of the interesting parts of this whole renovation process has been finding all these long, winding tunnels my decision to buy into Satan's lies have made in me. The one (of many) that's racking my brain and won't let me sleep is my tendency towards judgmentalness. I don't find the type of judging I struggle with to be your run of the mill, she's pretty, he's annoying, etc. type of judging.
I struggle with judging peoples' decisions. Being someone who highly values her own opinion (bleh), I get very easily frustrated when I feel like people aren't taking my darn good advice. I like to think part of the issue is how deeply I love people. All people. And sitting back and watching someone you love ram into a brick wall (especially if it's the same wall multiple times), is hard. But then again, a lot of it probably is just bitterness from not being heard and listened to. Why do I keep making that my problem? Because, thankfully, it is not my problem. Regardless of how much or how deeply I love someone, it is not my place in their lives to play the Holy Spirit. All I can do is share my advice with them, after I've thought about it, prayed about it, and feel like it's something I think God desires for me to speak into their lives.

Other then that, it's time to butt out, Blake.

It doesn't matter if you think that someone's making the biggest mistake of their LIFE (or even if they legitimately are). You have no place to be bad mouthing that person, thinking negative things to yourself, or treating them like they have the plague.
For someone who constantly struggles with feeling judged, I judge an awful lot. I'd be so much more free if I could take this self-imposed burden off my shoulders, and just love everyone the way I'm called to. (Mark 12:31, simple as that).

It's time to stop judging peoples' lives, and start being

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