i was a kind of sucky blogger this week

I know I didn't crank out a whole lot of high quality blogs this week. Sometimes inspiration hits hard, and sometimes it doesn't. I've had to learn to be okay with that. I have a couple heavy ones in the chamber for next week, currently working on amping myself up to post them.

But for now I will day dream about {short} road tripping with J this weekend for family Christmas with his family, preparing myself for all the "when are y'all getting married?"s, and getting hype about the fact that Christmas is but a week away {oh & putting stickers on manilla folders. so glamorous.} So because I totally short changed y'all this week, here's a snippet of my out of this world Christmas playlist. I'll share more later.

blog by Blake Bollinger on Grooveshark

Also, what's up 50 followers! Kind of crazy that about a month & a half ago I was at 16? Crazy humbled and thankful to have the chance to share my story with people. If you read Fearless on the reg & want to subscribe, it's super easy. Just hit that blue button on the left & follow the steps. Happy Friday guys! Have a good weekend.


Naara said...

Awh! I love the music player. N'sync was my favorite <3


paige brunt said...

love the music playlist. have you ever heard of lower lights? you might like their album...